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Recipe: Tagine of Blue-Foot Chicken and Dried Cherries Soaked in Wine

The tagine is my choice of an unglazed clay pot,  especially in winter. Its terracotta top and bottom create the perfect environment for developing slow-cooked flavor.Being a great fan of Morocco, I most often stick to the traditional dishes. Moroccans themselves are quite creative, but the buck stops when it …

Cool Cucumber Summer Soup from The House of Dreams.

I heard the cicada’s sing in the tall cottonwood trees, midday today. For them the conditions were delightful. It was a sign. There are cucumbers in the garden, as well as scallion and dill, perfect for a cool summer evening soup. It would be refreshing and fit the sunset hour. I thought, if it’s hot enough for them to sing, it’s hot enough for us to eat cool cucumber soup.