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Recipe for Pasticciotto Napoletano: Pastry Cream Pie with Black Cherries

From our 2010 blog archives… but still just as sweet today! Also, check out this great video HERE from 2011 of our dear friend’s mother making this recipe for us! Per la frolla: (a sweet crust)3 1/2 c flour (use 3 and the other half if needed)1/2 c of butter1/2 c of sugar3 …

Recipe: Figs Stuffed with Chocolate and Pistachio

Check out this sexy Spanish dessert. This is a wonderful and easy sweet to accompany any meal, but certainly one of Moroccan or Spanish origin. We include it in one of our cooking classes during our Feast for the Senses program in Marrakech, Morocco. But we love southern Spain so much, that we have added a Culinary Adventure in Seville.

Recipe: Kurkuri Bhindi (Crispy Fried Okra)

Fried Okra India

Fried okra has a special place in my heart. As many of you know, I’m a Southern girl, hailing from Alabama. You may enjoy reading my Ode to Okra to understand how deep my love of this vegetable is. I get a special kind of joy when I see these beautiful vegetable …

Recipe: Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is one of India’s most popular recipes. Recipes abound for this dish but make sure to try this great version from the chefs at the beautiful Devi Garh hotel in Udaipur, where we spend the last night of our Culinary Adventure in northern India, Tasting Royal Rajasthan. Our …