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Recipes: Chutneys ~ Coconut and Coriander

coconut chutney

When in New Delhi, India for our Culinary Adventure in Rajasthan, we visit the home of our friends Shoba and Mohan for a family style meal where coconut and coriander chutneys are always favorites. We learn from Shoba some of the dishes that she prepares for her family and she shares some of her favorite recipes with us. While Shoba cooks vegetarian meals, these two delicious chutneys she taught us made with fresh coconut and coriander (cilantro) are simple to prepare and will elevate any meal, vegetarian or not.

Recipe: Chicken Tagine with Dried and Fresh Fruit

“Have tagine will travel” could be Peggy’s motto. Tagines can be seen on the street, at home and even strapped to a camel. It can also be a modern day camping pot or a festive dish for a party. It cooks over coals on what’s called a mejmar, providing a perfect traveling pot for a wanderer. Honestly, once you have cooked in a tagine you will fall in love with them… and with Morocco.

Recipe: Dal Tadka (Yellow Lentils with Garlic)

Ingredients: 200 g yellow lentils (arhar dal) 1g cumin seeds 60 g finely chopped onion 60g fresh chopped tomatoes (can used canned) 15g chopped coriander (cilantro) 3g red chili powder 5g ground coriander 3g turmeric powder 20g chopped garlic 20 freshly grated ginger 60g ghee (or butter) 20mL lemon juice …

Cappelletti in Brodo Toscano

Cappelletti in Brodo Toscano The word cappelletto means “little hat,” which is what this pasta should resemble. They are traditionally served in broth, as are the more infamous “tortellini”. This is the traditional filling we use at La Cucina al Focolare. Nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of “tortellini …

Dear Aunt Sarah

Ida Sarah Burroughs 10/30/1914 – 11/15/2016 This picture brings tears to my eyes, even though it was taken 4 years ago, I call this picture dried apple Sarah. Sarah lived four more years after this shot and lived to be 102. Not unwell. Never unwell. None of us can remember a …