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Vegan (It’s easier than you think) Holiday Recipes For The Reluctant Host

Every holiday I brace myself for the restricted eater. How many will I have? What will be the diet d’jour this year? Guests not eating this or that can often be a drag for the holiday host. Is your dairy-free, egg-free, eggnog cup half full or half empty? Get over it. Take a deep breath and improvise. Vegans need love too. Make enough to share with the rest of the table or present your privileged guests with something real, thought out and special. In some countries, the guest is god. Treat all guests alike.


Hunched over into a precise 90 degree angle, Fatna sweeps. She sweeps with a dried palm leaf, sorting through leaves and debris, fallen white bouganvilla and sticks.

Denver Life: “Sweet & Savory Travel Moments with Peggy Markel”

“Peggy Markel, pioneer of international culinary travel, celebrates 2012 as her 20th year in business as founder, owner and operator of Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures. For two decades, Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures has brought elegant, off-the-beaten-path experiences to its guests, whether they are sailing along the coast of the Mediterranean, …

I Want Her Job: “Interview with Peggy Markel”

“Peggy aims to give people a meaningful travel experience by immersing them in a foreign culture through food, food artisans, hands-on cooking and traveling. The bonus: Her daily work usually means immersing herself in the same. Just read her example of a “typical day” and see if it doesn’t make …

She Might Be In Tangier

I can only imagine what it must have been like when author and composer, Paul Bowles (The Sheltering Sky) was encouraged by Gertrude Stein to go to Morocco, for the first time in 1931. Tangier was accessible and exotic. A completely different world full of magic and mystery. Unknown places delight the imagination at every turn with intrigue, curiosity, and heightened awareness.