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Tribeza: “The Magic of Morocco”

“For [Deana] Saukam, it was a chance to learn from a master, a woman who has built a career around examining the connection between culture and cuisine. Explains Saukam, “[Peggy] has been doing this for so long and I was interested to see her methods and ways. It was inspiring …

Local Table Tours: “Moroccan Feast for the Senses with Peggy Markel at Food Lab, Boulder”

Thanks for the shoutout, Local Table Tours! We had a lovely time cooking with all of you at the Food Lab and teaching about the magic of Morocco. “The Boulder Local Table Tours staff enjoyed a fantastic feast with the illustrious international culinary tourism extraordinaire Peggy Markel of Peggy Markel’s …

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?
What brings me alive is the active participation of being in a culture different from my own, relating with a heightened sense of awareness and an open heart looking for a way in.

Hammam a leuyah

A story about Western women in an ancient community hammam. Some hammams are chic, some are anticeptic. Some are raw and real.

This story was written by Peggy back in 2010, but it gets brought up each time we visit the hammam in Morocco. We hope you enjoy it once more.

I Arrived In Morocco The First Time At Midnight In Springtime

I arrived in Morocco the first time at midnight in springtime. I was traveling with two women friends. We drove the long dark highway to the coastal town of Essaouira,  known as old Mogador. Seagulls welcomed us as we walked the dimly lit pathway to our hotel in the wee hours. We fell into a deep slumber and awoke to birdsong, Moroccan pancakes with honey and the aroma of sweet mint tea. Instantly, I fell in love with Morocco and that beginning has only been the doorway to which all other delights have spilled.

Spices are travelers themselves

Cumin, ginger, cinnamon, saffron – poetic spices that not only give flavor to food, but tell a story. Spices are travelers themselves, having crossed deserts and sailed on ships, they were coveted, used for trade and medicine. They tamed wild meats and aided digestion. Salt was as good as money. Spices have been a valuable flavorful currency worth their weight in gold as a precious influence on cultural identity.

SB Digs: “Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures”

With two decades of experience in global culinary traditions, Peggy Markel personally hand-tailors each of her programs to lead her guests into cultural immersion, through the sensorial pleasure of food. Guests emerge transformed, embracing a greater awareness of the connection between themselves, other cultures, and the food on their plate.