Zuppa di Pesce Panaresca

Zuppa di Pesce? si..but also Risotto Pescatore Ingredients: 1 kilo of fresh prawns 3 fresh squid 1/2 kilo of vongole verace (clams) 2 red mullet a few cherry tomatoes 1 can of cherry tomatoes, peeled olive oil 4 cloves of garlic, chopped white wine a bunch of parsley, chopped fine …

Be Still My Beeting Heart

In Venice on the vaporetto, I passed this boat with the name of Citta di Chioggia’. Chioggia is a mini-Venice located on a small island at the southern entrance to the lagoon, which I passed coming in from Croatia, amazed how long the lagoon stretched before we actually arrived close to the center. A water world of canals and boats, Chioggia is also known for its unique beet.